A New Year's Message From Our Pastor



Dear Parishioners, Besides commemorating the start of the calendar year, the motherhood of Mary, the circumcision of Jesus, today is also World Day of Prayer for Peace. So I am talking about peace - personal peace, inner peace. Because we cannot enjoy whatever tranquility there might be in the world if we are at war within ourselves, because peace on earth begins with each one of us.

Peace is not just the absence of war. Peace is also a certain harmony, a sense of quiet and order in our lives. Peace is a feeling of being at one with each other and within our own selves. Most of us try to arrive at this peace by re-arranging the world according to our desire. But, when that does not work, we finally agree, "God's will is our peace." God integrates all the ugly and the beautiful, the good and the evil things of the universe into his life and manages to maintain himself in blissful peace. We also have to integrate the good and the bad, the beautiful and ugly things into the fabric of our lives. Because in God's will is our peace.

SPECIAL WORD OF THANKS… I would not know where to begin and I think if I were to try to name each person, I surely would leave someone out. However, many thanks to all who participated in the festivities for Christmas, to all who made the Church a magnificent setting for our Christmas Masses, to our Music Director Lael Carlson and all her helpers. Everything went so well and beautiful. I hope the joy we experienced this Christmas carries us through the New Year with the greatest ease. May the Year 2005 bring much joy, peace and happiness. Finally, a word of thanks to all who sent cards and personal gifts. I can't thank you enough. Please accept this note as a token of my deep appreciation for your kindness this Christmas.


Fr. Seamus

Image courtesy: Hermitage Group Inc.