March 6   |   Parish Hall   |  After 9 am and 11 am Masses


SYNOD 2021-2023 for a Synodal Church


So what exactly is a Synod?  Simply put, a synod is a meeting or assembly of church leaders.  The Synod is a process rooted in the history of the Catholic Church.  Synod can be interpreted as “walking together” or as the path along which the People of God walk together.

Pope Francis invites the entire Church (that’s US!) to reflect on a theme that is decisive for its life and mission.  Pope Francis said, “Let us not soundproof our hearts; let us not remain barricaded in our certainties.”  Instead “Let us listen to one another.”    At the parish level, synod means we gather as faith community, we listen to each other, sharing our challenges, questions, and talents because we are one in Christ through our baptism.

The four topics that Pope Francis would like us to discuss:

  1. What are some of the struggles you are facing in your life right now? What would help you deal with the things you are struggling with in your life right now?
  2. How do you help others have a better life?
  3. What gives you the most joy in your life? Does God give you joy? How?  How can others help you in growing in joy?
  4. How can the Church make your life journey better?

Join us on March 6th in the Parish Hall after both Masses to discuss the questions over coffee.  We will then share your responses with our Diocese.