Lord Hear Our Prayers

Let us Continue to Pray for One Another… 

Alyssa Granera, ‘Big Mike” Michael Porcher, Mike Kroetch, Gary Richardi, Bruce Lopez, Gayle Bellow, Kathy Turner, Amy Hu, Mark A. Loes, David Perez, Isabel Luluquisen, Jason Blake, Gregory Ng, Mittie Phillips, Juanita Reyes, Karen Patterson, Marilyn Coffy, Ella Arriaga, Ann Hurley, Hilda Lee

and those who are ill with the Corona Virus including their families.

Trudy Ann Rideout, Christine Mackin, Ida Pound, Christina Oliverius, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Rebecca Sujieda, Jacob Madison, Denise Gums, Regina C. Kobuszewski, Loretta Lopez,

and those who have died of the Corona Virus.

Prayer Requests