Saint Vincent de Paul of Alameda County

Fellow parishioners of Our Lady of Lourdes,

The St. Vincent de Paul Society is dedicated to one of the most basic tenants of Christ’s message: to care for those in need whether it is housing, food, spiritual fellowship or any other facet of neediness. The Coronavirus devastation has had a big hit to our mission.

The Central Campus, located at Grand and St Pablo Avenues, provides shelter for 100 men and women nightly and meals for over 500 hungry citizens daily, but corona virus has strongly impacted both the volunteer staff and significantly in cash flow.

There’s an urgent need for monetary help just to keep things flowing; people are still being sheltered and food is provided on a take-out basis. Likely by the end of Summer, landlords, PGE and EBMUD whom have not issued any evictions or cut-offs of services will begin to.

With so many people out of work, there will be a flood of people in need that unless addressed, will in part become homeless, only furthering our city’s ongoing traumatic problem.

Any help you can provide will go a long ways, volunteer work is available in some forms of ‘working from home’; if interested please contact 925.323.5848.

If you are able to help with a financial gift, it is very easy too donate:

Or you can send a check make out to St Vincent de Paul (please note Our Lady of Lourdes in the reference box) care of Our Lady of Lourdes or drop it in the secure mail box outside the parish office, using your regular donation envelope or by other envelope.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity,

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul